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Welcome to the Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing for Law Firms Podcast.

Join host Jay Berkowitz on an innovative journey through the world of digital marketing for the legal industry. With his expertise and passion, and world-class guests, Jay empowers legal professionals to thrive in the digital age.

Explore topics like Search Engine Optimization, Google advertising, Artificial intelligence, intake strategies, content marketing, and social media strategies. Jay’s practical advice and industry expertise equip legal professionals to navigate the online world. This podcast is your invaluable resource for unlocking your law firm’s full potential.

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure with Jay Berkowitz as your guide in the ever-changing realm of internet marketing for law firms. Your success story begins here!


In this episode we visit the Google Zoo to understand Google’s major algorithm updates, inspired by animals and acronyms. From Panda and Penguin to Cheetah the Ten Golden Rules team will help you understand the changes and how to use this information to improve your Google rankings. About Jay Berkowitz: […] is the place for Internet Marketers to learn and network together. The Club holds weekly Wednesday Webinars and is a resource for a variety of Internet Marketing topics. It is celebrating its 1,000th member with this video, including members from all around the world. To join and for more information visit:
Episode 49 – Live Call with Speakers for the SFIMA Summit May 14th in Ft. Lauderdale Meet internet marketing Rock Stars including Google’s Albert Chen, Mitch Joel, Author Six Pixel of Separation, Craig Agranoff, Founder of WorstPizza, Shawn Rorick, Author / Past Director of Marketing – Cirque du Soleil, Murray […]
Jay Berkowitz and prominent Twitter Rock Stars Warren Whitlock, Gail Goodwin and @Iconic88 discuss personal branding from “Twitter Rock Stars,” how to get started with Twitter, how to create winning Twitter profiles, top Twitter applications, Twitter lingo, how to measure and track results, examples of business success stories, “the 3 E’s of […]
Meet Posterous Co-Founder Sachin Agarwal, Optimizing Video for the Search Engines, 10 Top Twitter Stories, Web 2010: Discover the 10 Trends Defining Your Business Future, Micro Communications, Mission Pie, ‘The Girl with the Golden Disk’. Call in line 206-888-6606   Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast Episode 47 – Posterous Co-Founder Sachin […]
Episode 45 – Part 2 of our conversation with Mitch Joel Author Six Pixels of Separation, Strategies for site moves and 301 ReDirects, Personal Branding, Mind Mapping, Website Design Tips, Blog or Podcast of the Week, Inbound Marketing, Talk Show Tips, Dealing with Digital Overload, Digital Security, Information Overload Song-of-the-Week […]