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Welcome to the Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing for Law Firms Podcast.

Join host Jay Berkowitz on an innovative journey through the world of digital marketing for the legal industry. With his expertise and passion, and world-class guests, Jay empowers legal professionals to thrive in the digital age.

Explore topics like Search Engine Optimization, Google advertising, Artificial intelligence, intake strategies, content marketing, and social media strategies. Jay’s practical advice and industry expertise equip legal professionals to navigate the online world. This podcast is your invaluable resource for unlocking your law firm’s full potential.

Get ready for an extraordinary adventure with Jay Berkowitz as your guide in the ever-changing realm of internet marketing for law firms. Your success story begins here!


Today guest Brooke Lively and I were able to have a live interview at the PILMMA conference in New Orleans. Brooke is the author of the book "Exit on Top," and she shares valuable insights on preparing law firms for sale or successful exit strategies. Brooke, a fractional CFO and EOS implementer, highlights the importance of building a law firm that can thrive independently of its owner. Through real-life examples and expert advice, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of creating a law firm that is attractive to buyers, maximizes profits, and runs efficiently. Brooke brought her knowledge and expertise to her father and brother's law firm, ultimately leading them to fall in love with the law firm again, not selling it as initially planned. Tune in to learn about the key principles of business preparation and how to position your law firm for a successful future.
In today's episode, we are sharing the audio recon from our most popular webinar The Top 10 Hottest Technology Tips for Attorneys which has been viewed over 80,000 times on YouTube! Host, Jay Berkowitz delves into the transformative power of artificial intelligence (Ai) in digital marketing and the legal field. Exploring the rapid rise of ChatGPT and its integration into tasks like legal research, job descriptions, and marketing strategies. Ai has also significantly increased workplace and law firm efficiency, even outperforming lawyers in legal tasks. Jay shares personal insights on using AI tools such as DALL-E for image creation and Fliki for video commercials, shedding light on their potential to revolutionize practices. The webinar also highlights how immigration attorneys are leveraging TikTok and other platforms to reach clients and generate leads, demonstrating the evolving landscape of legal marketing. Additionally, the industry is increasingly relying on ChatGPT for idea starters then using human editing, quick research, and job descriptions. Jay discusses Google's evolving advertising products, focusing on the importance of Google Screen and local service ads for law firms. He shares success stories from his agency, 10 Golden Rules, and offers actionable tips to enhance your online presence and lead generation...
Today, we have a special treat as Chris Mullins takes the helm to interview host Jay Berkowitz. In this episode, Jay will share insights from his decades of experience, including details from his classic book, "The Ten Golden Rules of Online Marketing ." The discussion also ventures into the critical area of mental health and wellness, especially pertinent to legal professionals. Opening up about his experience at online website and health routines and how foundational business practices can significantly impact well-being and professional success. Tune in as Jay reveals the secrets behind his enduring marketing principles and the importance of maintaining balance in all aspects of life. Don't miss this deep dive into the strategies that have made Jay a respected voice in digital marketing and beyond!
Host Jay Berkowitz welcomes OTT and digital TV expert David Klein. David and Jay discuss what OTT and digital streaming ads are, what are the opportunities and best case studies. What are the opportunities for firms shifting budget from traditional TV to “OTT” and digital streaming. What are the most effective marketing strategies, and the success stories? Insights are shared on leveraging technology in ads, crafting impactful commercials, and staying ahead in the competitive market. Tune in for key takeaways from the TGR Live conference and valuable tips to elevate your business operations, whether in law or advertising.
On today’s episode host Jay Berkowitz has lined up an intriguing conversation with George Bessenyei, founder and CEO of YoCierge, a trailblazing company in the medical record retrieval industry. Specializing in serving law firms, George brings a wealth of knowledge from his experiences in building significant connections with hospitals and health systems. Sharing insights on overcoming industry challenges, the innovative technologies his company utilizes, and how they're integrating with case management systems to streamline processes for their clients. George will also touch on a potential game-changer in health data space — the move towards a single sign-on solution for patient consent forms. Get ready for a deep dive into the complexities and technological advancements that are shaping the future of medical record retrieval. Stay tuned!
In today's exciting episode, host Jay Berkowitz is joined by special guest Emily LaRusch, the entrepreneurial force behind Back Office Betties, where innovative administrative solutions meet law firm success. Get ready to learn how defining roles, fostering a strong culture, and utilizing tools like EOS can revolutionize how a law firm operates. Emily will discuss her path to founding a company dedicated to enhancing law firms' back-office functions and share how to use psychological testing to put the right people in the right seats. Tune in to gain insights on the strategies that help law firms soar and discover how Emily's firm achieved an impressive 99% of their quarterly goals. Let the conversation begin!