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Episode 28 Geoff Ramsey from eMarketer, the top two trends on the internet and the wave of the future, The Top Ten Internet Marketing Trade Shows, TGR Podcast Intern Loukas Koufodontes, online video, Google Chrome,, Blendtec, social networking and communication, Brett Hurt BizzareVoice and online reviews and ratings, Six Pixels of Separation, the new Facebook, The rule of 3’s, I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter butter opera featuring Dr. Dill Pickle, Seth Godin “Digital Wants to be Free”, Shopping Cart Questions, Geek Dinner with Sheryl Cattell BlueGreen Corporation, Pam Stein Clientize, Shari McConahay Halloween Costumes, Alex Harris Alex Designs, Nicole Governile, Great calls from Brad Anderson creator of Twibler, FriendFeed, Corbin Links, Dan Keradano Surf PetBlack Lab Ecstasy, Call our K7 line 206-888-6606