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Episode 32 Ten Strategies for Job Hunting in a Recession, TGR Podcast Contest update how to win Seth Godin’s Tribes, Marketing Meet Up at Affiliate Summit Boston, Marketing, Twitter Secret Society, Share a Sale, Widget Technology, Customer Service is the New Marketing, How to evaluate a presentation, Song of the week Midnight Poker Call in line 206-888-6606


Episode 32 Ten Strategies and Tactics for Job Hunting in a Recession, The Ten Golden Rules Podcast Contest update how to win Seth Godin’s Tribes call us 206-888-6606 how did you find out about the podcast and where do you listen to it? Live audio form our geek dinner at Affiliate Summit in Boston Mass, Bosco from, Twitter’s Trade show Secret Society, , Widget Technology, how customer service drives New Marketing, tips for how to evaluate a presentation, Song of the week The Rebel Year’s Midnight Poker Call in line 206-888-6606

00:01 Avinash Kaushik
00:32 TGR Podcast intro FINAL
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05:15 Rick Tennant
05:59 The Real Tim Jones
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09:15 Live From The Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing Strategy Blog
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16:58 Natalie Gelman – 10 golden rules
19:33 Ten Tips for Job Hunting in a Recession’

  1. Start NOW! The time to build Contacts and your social network is now. Do nice things for people, volunteer with your local business association to build contacts
  2. Treat it Like a Job Excel Spreadsheet, get a busy agenda of informational interviews, meetings with recruiters follow up Job Search Software.
  3. Be Proactive! Connect With Connectors get Informational Interviews
  4. Get Digital. Monster/Career Builder/Craig’s List and Search Google and Twitter, Submit your resume to 1500 sites Gad BallSnag a Job
  5. Make Some Money While You’re Looking. Consulting / Guru / eLance. Start a company! Now is your chance maybe you won’t go back to work. Affiliate sites: Share-A-SaleCommission Junctionand LinkShare or affiliate Forum Google Affiliate Program
  6. Search In Niches – Industry Association Sites and geographic-specific sites often fit your job search
  7. Access Resources Local Workforce Resource Center, State employment Service Offices
  8. Develop target companies and find connection to those companies through LinkedIn and other contacts, carry your list of targets to informational interviews ‘I’d appreciate introductions to the following companies if you have connections’
  9. Be professional with Recruiters
  10. Give Thanks! Thank People who help you along the way. And, one way you can thank us if you think this is valuable information please link to this page on your blog or website so other people might find this information!3

38:42 Live Marketing Meet Up at Affiliate Summit Boston

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A Huge Thank You to everyone who contributed to our ten strategies for job hunting in a recession!!!

  1. Greg Paske
  2. Andy Lubinsky
  4. Steve Davies
  5. Damona
  6. KeithBurtis
  7. AdamSinger
  8. Ben Yoskovitz
  9. Ruben q
  10. Jeff Zbar
  11. Tarek Turjuman NewLink Group
  12. Brad Pierce
  13. Josh Chernin
  14. Seanan Forbes
  15. John S. Rajeski
  16. Keith Duarte
  17. Caroline Poroski
  18. Erika Flora
  19. Josh Chernin
  20. Brad Pierce
  21. Sarah Morris Smith
  22. Rob Duncan
  23. Heather Chavin Plank
  24. Sasha Grebenyuk
  25. Laney Liner

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